My Story

Dustin Burley is an up incoming American musician/singer/somgwriter based in the high country mountains of Colorado. People have tried to label the genre Dustin's original music is or what it is similar to and frankly,
it's hard to pin down. See what you think. Most refer to his music as “life music” or the Dustin Burley "experience". His Musical creativity and originality as he composes, writes, and produces pushes the envelope of what
historically has been done verses what can be done on the guitar acoustically. Dustin is passionate about music as you will tell by the specific sounds he creates with his guitar to the cadence and rhythm of his jams and
the variety as his music unfolds before you.
His original songs are two fold, the lyrically they portray an in depth reflection on life itself along with stories & a heartfelt soulful interpretation regarding the ups and downs, the light and dark and everything in between 
life has to offer us.  His guitar enters the conversation and responds to tell you another story, the one you know in your heart is true that reminds you of something new. He's a one of a kind acoustic artist who pushes the 
envelope, he's a storyteller who sings about everyday life, the easy, tough, ugly, beautiful, happy and sad aspects of it.  
Rooted in improvisation, rock, blues and folk, he's passionate about performing live, especially when he's "in the zone" bringing a raw vulnerability to any jam or song he performs. Sit back and enjoy, while he paints
a picture like water that flows as each note touches your soul and draws you into the musical experience he calls his own.