My Story

Being born into a musical family, Dustin has been writing songs since the age of thirteen and has been performing either solo acoustic or with a full band since 1998. He was inspired to pick up the guitar at an early age by watching bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, along with other bands and has been winning over all types of audiences with his talents and captivating performances ever since. 

Dustin's song writing was heavily influenced by the lyrical styles of such artists as Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder, David Gilmour, Thome York, to name a few. Musically his first influences were adopted from growing up during the early 90's grunge movement, while at the same time listening to bands like Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Willie Nelson, The Grateful Dead, and many others. Then, after years of practice and a drive to be the best at what he was doing, along with newer musical interests such as Phish and the jamband movement, he started stepping outside of the traditional verse chorus verse structure and started writing more progressive rock with room for improvisation. This all would eventually be crucial to the diversity of his original music. 

As a performer Dustin thrives on improvisation and makes sure each show is different from the last. In 2010 Dustin incorporated live looping into his live performances. Fans all over the country and world have hailed this new approach to his live shows. Live looping allows Dustin the ability to create a canvas of music full of peaks and valleys rich with layers of in the moment musical bliss. His ultimate goal is to make his audience leave the show wanting more and to come out again the next time he's in town. The one thing through many years of trial and error that you can guarantee, is that his show is truely unique and not to be missed.